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Working with different companies is something that I take pride in. I love being able to help represent a brand, whether it be by wearing their brand or using their products. I truly believe in working with companies that I know best suit my audience. I am very involved in the automotive community here in Southern California. Hence why most of my sponsorships, brand ambassadorships and collaborations are done with automotive brands. I also believe in representing companies in which I can truly and fully represent. I would never want to mislead people into using a product or company that I wouldn't personally use myself. I want to create a connection between the consumer and the company and create trust. I want people to believe in the company I am representing the way that I believe in them. I have been very fortunate to be able to work with and collaborate with multiple companies. For example, I am currently a brand ambassador for 80Eighty, Adam's Polishes and Heatwave Visuals to name a few.

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